auspicious Venkatachalapathy temple present in Tirupur.This temple is considered to be one of the powerful temples.There are regular
pooja's performed in the temple, just similar to the way of pooja's performed in Tirumala Thirupathi.

The temple in general was built in resemblance of Tirumala Thirupathi Devastanam present in Thirupathi.The system followed in the temple and the procedures of pooja's performed are the same that are followed in the Tirumala Thirupathi Devatanam .

The temple mainly is consisting of Lord Venkatachalapathy.Lord Venkatachalapathy is considered to be the god of protection, who protects us from our problems and difficulties. There is also present the consort of Lord Venkatachalapathy Shri Alamelu Mangai called the Thayar in general.The temple also consists of Shri Anjaneyar who was present as Shri Hanuman in one of the avatar's of Lord Venkatachalapathy, where he stayed by the lord and helped him in all the ways he could.

The temple also consist's of Shri Garudalwar who is considered to be one of the close friend of Lord Venkatachalapathy in one of his avatar's.There is also the presence of Shri Hayagrivar who is considered to be the guru of Shri Sarasvathi who is the God of knowledge,Shri Hayagrivar being the her guru, grants us the knowledge of wisdom.

About the Gods present in Tirupur Thirupathi Shri Venkatesa Perumal Temple: